About RAP

Formerly known as Young Liberty for Law Reform, Rights Advocacy Project is a community of lawyers and activists working to advance human rights in Australia. We’re part of Liberty Victoria, one of Australia’s leading human rights organisations.

We work across a range of issues including equality, government accountability, refugee and asylum seeker rights and criminal justice reform.

How we work

The Volunteer Program

Each year we recruit volunteers to work in one of three teams and provide them with strategic advocacy training. These teams undertake year-long projects, supervised by leading human rights experts from Liberty Victoria. Together with our Steering Committee, these teams lead our advocacy work.

Our Approach

We aim to empower and train the next generation of human rights advocates, and make a positive and tangible difference to human rights in Australia while doing so.

Our work:

  • Is strategic: we identify what we want to change, who can make the change and how we will go about influencing them.
  • Adds value: we tackle issues that go largely unnoticed, or develop new ways to target old problems.
  • Is rigorous: we conduct thorough legal and policy analysis to identify structural problems and positive alternatives.
  • Cuts through the complexity: we communicate complex ideas in creative, and persuasive ways.

Make sure you know when something's not right.