Equality and Government Accountability

We believe governments should practise transparency at all levels, to ensure they operate for the benefit of everyone they govern. Because transparency makes for stronger democratic institutions.

We also believe that every person should have the same status, rights and opportunities in life and before the law, especially those who have and continue to experience entrenched and systemic discrimination, such as First Nations peoples.

Our Work

Protect one, defend a thousand: the situation of human rights defenders in Australia

We presented a briefing paper to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human
Rights Defenders.


Myki fines: protecting you from unfair fines

Our Myki Fines website helped put an end to unfair on-the-spot penalty fares.


Special religious education as a human rights issue

Our report argued that special religious education has no place in school.


Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Our Constitution should be changed to remove discrimination and enshrine legal and political protections for First Nations people.


Privacy in the modern world

We should be far more concerned about the implications of mass data retention schemes.


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