Criminal Justice Reform

What happens to people when they’re released from prison? Does deterrence work? And how do we ensure the criminal justice system doesn’t just entrench social inequality?

These kinds of questions don’t get enough attention. Our criminal laws are there to protect us, but too often all they strive for is punishment, and everyone loses.

We advocate for an evidence-based criminal justice system that respects human rights, prioritises rehabilitation over punishment wherever possible and ultimately leads to safer communities.

Our Work

When does the past stop catching up with you?

Victoria is the only jurisdiction in Australia without a spent convictions scheme.


What happens to people once they’re released from prison?

Every year, over 6000 prisoners are released in Victoria, but what does this mean for individuals and the wider community?


Addressing discriminatory policing practices

This submission to Victoria Police Community Consultation on Field Contacts and Cross Cultural Communication focused on racial profiling bias.


Prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration

Many of RAP’s recommendations made it into the Victorian Ombudsman’s report of the investigation into the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners.


Exploring State responsibility for family violence

Family violence is at epidemic levels. What responsibility lies with the state?


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